The Nemeckek Protocol

The easiest place to start. Accessible and generally affordable.  This protocol adds high quality fish oil,  extra virgin olive oil, and a prebiotic fiber, inuln. It targets gut and brain health. It is often used for children with autism, and is very helpful for people with a wide variety of extra needs. Buy the book or check it out at the library, and join the Facebook group here.

This protocol was widely released in 2017, and a handful of children affected by CASK have been applying it and seeing promising gains: better eye contact, improvement in fine and gross motor skills (grasping objects, the ability to jump, better posture), more easily showing affection, instinctual gains like assisting in dressing, climbing stairs, pointing to highly motivating objects.

At the writing of this blog, the longest a child affected by CASK has been on the protocol is one year. Slow and steady gains have been made during this time.