If you have a diagnosis early in life, early intervention therapy is the most effective plan to make. No matter what the age though, therapy is key. Here are the therapies and protocols found to be affective with a CASK gene abnormality

Applied Behavior Analysis  (ABA) Therapy

An intensive therapy program targeting cognitive and behavioral skills. Most often practiced with those affected by autism, ABA therapy has proven highly effective for people of many developmental diagnosis’s. Immersive therapy¬† (25 hours per week or more) and a quality provider is key. A 1:1 behavior tech in the classroom is optimal.

Physical Therapy (Physiotherapy)

This is a gross motor therapy that will encourage abilities like sitting, crawling, standing and walking.

Occupational Therapy

A therapy that will target fine motor abilities like grasping objects, dressing, and writing.

Speech Therapy

A therapy that not only will target speech, but many other ways of communicating such as sign language and AAC devices.

Food Therapy

Often done simultaneously with a trained occupational therapist, food therapy will work on skills such as chewing, swallowing, and food/texture aversions.

Hippotherapy and aqua therapy have also proved helpful.